Enhancing national integration

Communication infrastructure, domestic tourism, undiluted provincial autonomy and bonding through the workplace play a vital role in the integration of a nation. Pakistan’s national integration has suffered immensely because these factors have never been crucially important to our leadership. Pakistan’s communication infrastructure is primitive, domestic tourism is non-existent, provincial autonomy only receives lip-service and bonding

The ballot revolution

We stand on the brink. For a timely return from the brink the lost confidence of the people of Pakistan has to be restored before the rage that is building within the chests of 180 million Pakistanis erupts. The people of Pakistan will probably blame the politicians and the military rulers for all our adversities,

The new young leaders

Pakistan today needs its young ones to stand up and get counted. Pakistan’s future depends upon how quickly and effectively the new generation can take the political reins of the country. They should do so by taking charge of their vote for the next elections. I have absolute relentless faith in the youth of Pakistan

Interview with Voice To America’s Anthony Louis July 19th 2009

Interview with Voice To America’s Anthony Louis on Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to India and what it means to Pakistan. [ca_audio url=”https://www.sharifpost.com/Audio/misc/Voice_to_America_with_Anthony_Louis_2009_07_19.MP3″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”] There are countless applications available for smartphones and tablets which allow communication and socialization under different rules and http://www.spying.ninja pretexts

Exploitation must end

In sixty two years of independence Pakistan’s rulers have, on one pretext or another, not allowed national institutions to grow, mature and become fearlessly functional in order to achieve national objectives. The military rulers, all of whom treated the Constitution of Pakistan with the worst form of contempt, made no sincere effort to utilize this

Strengthening Pakistan

Over the years the cementing factors binding the people of Pakistan have been losing their adhesiveness. This has not been happening without reasons that are good enough to tear people apart. Poor governance, absence of political reforms, inequitable progress, absence of justice, oppression of the poor farmer and the worker by the feudal lords and

Preserving military potential

Pakistan needs to be militarily strong in order to keep the country’s integrity intact. At the same time it cannot be disputed that elements aiming to destabilize Pakistan have to be neutralised. This is what the Army is trying its best to do. The Army must preserve itself through this ongoing and seemingly endless fight.