The Proposed Khattak Foundation, the Khattak Welfare Trust and the Khattak Education Trust.

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The attached PDF document is a self explanatory document that explains my thinking on how The Khattaks of KARAK (NA-15) can truly become owners and controllers of their destiny.

The document outlines what will be my manifesto to be implemented if I participate in the 2018 General Elections and, eventually, win it too.

It is for the Khattaks to basically decide what they want to do, or do not want to do, for the progress and prosperity of their current and future generations.

If the people of KARAK (NA-15) do not wish to become the owners and controllers of their own resources in the near future i.e. through the 2018 elections no one can change their fate towards progress and prosperity.

My Plan proposes that the KHATTAKs should adopt a corporate culture in order to become the collective owners and controllers of all their financial resources. The plan entails the following:-

a. The Khattak Foundation. It will have the motto of ‘owned by the KHATTAKs – controlled by the KHATTAKs’.

b. The Khattak Welfare Trust

c. The Khattak Education Trust

The attached PDF document spells out all details. It is by no means a final word. The basics,however, will not and cannot change if the Khattaks are keen to change direction and become masters of their own collective resources and thus carve out a destiny that takes them towards speedy progress and prosperity. I will welcome critique, suggestions and views openly.

I have placed it on record for posterity hoping that if I am not afforded an opportunity to put this plan in action someone in the future just might pick it up, refine it to those times and then put it into action.

It’s truly time that the people’s resources are utilized by the people themselves instead of by those that the people vote for and then have to beg them, day and night, for whatever services and amenities of life that they may want. The only way that this can be done is by moving towards a Corporate culture as envisaged by my plan.

More power to the people is what I truly believe in. Something the Khattaks have never had. I would like to see the Khattaks exercise their power over their resources.

Let the public representatives (MNAs and MPAs) become guides and partners to the people that they represent. The people cannot and must never become subservient and enslaved to their very own representatives after having elected them. The equation must change for always.

I hope a lot of people will read and share this link. It is essential for you all to participate in shaping your destiny so please do not hesitate in critique and in giving suggestions etc boldly and openly but objectively.

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One Reply to “The Proposed Khattak Foundation, the Khattak Welfare Trust and the Khattak Education Trust.”

  1. 1. This is a huge effort towards thinking about Karak and about Pakistan.
    2. It is a very comprehensive plan, though, I want to add one suggestion for your consideration, which may be incorporated to this plan as you see fit in.
    3.*** Environmental Sustainability is the outcry of the day. Karak was a very pleasent climate district (particularly Sawatra). Oil companies are contributing hazardous gases and lethal hydrocarbons into the air. We may add/merge a wing/department that can see environment protection and greening of the district.
    That wing of Khattak Foundation may generate revenue from donors and from KF in the begining to check on trees’ cutting the deforestation. We can easily notice in the recent years smog has been multiplied. Getting forest department rejuvanated in the district. E.g Checkposts may be sanctioned from govt and timber outflow can be controlled. Growing and campaigning for arboculture. Also, to ensure that oil companies are not pouring health hazard wastes in open area. The SNGPL transmission lines may not leave the condensed oil wastes into the land which has already caused deaths of pet animals when they drunk the contaminated water (this is already illegal but is in practice). Illegal connections throughout district are of poor quality and leaked so the gas pollutes the air. After years, Karak may not be a place to live in if things kept continued as it as.
    Thank You

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