The Revival Process

Having been blessed by nature in all possible ways, Pakistan is a land of great potential that remains to be exploited. Between the second highest point on earth (Mount K2) and the bottom of the Arabian Sea, Pakistan has it all. The fact that hardly a fraction of Pakistan’s natural resources have been exploited to

World Economic Forum East Asia Debate – Seoul, Korea

Masood Sharif Khan Khattak spoke at the World Economic Forum in Seoul, Korea on the topic of Asian Flashpoints: Challenges to Security along with Brad Glosserman, Lee Chung-Min, Makio Miyagawa and Moon Chung-In. Moderated by Richard Samans. Here are some highlights and the introduction video: [FLOWPLAYER=,425,344] Despite the wide ranging nature of security issues in

Opportunities lost

Pakistan’s acquisition of military nuclear technology was a gigantic step in the right direction whereas the failure to develop nuclear power generation simultaneously was an equally gigantic neglect. Especially so when the base for this had been laid as far back as 1971 when KANUPP was made operational. Thereafter, efforts at developing nuclear power generation

A changed Pakistan

Way back in the 1960s Pakistan was truly on the move. The early Ayub years gave us the “Green Revolution” because of the construction and commissioning of dams such as Mangla and Tarbela. Barrages were erected all the way down to the Guddu near Hyderabad. These dams and barrages gave birth to an efficient network

Snowballing chaos

While some parts of the country are being endangered by militancy the rest of the country is far from peaceful. It is extremely hard on the Army to be fighting endless pitched battles deep within the country resulting in the displacement of over two million people. The state’s writ has to be re-established over large