Eid Mubarak

Wishing all my fellow Pakistanis and other muslim brothers and sisters a very very happy Eid. I pray that you all have a lovely day and that this day brings in its wake lots of happiness and prosperity to you all. While you all enjoy your Eid do not forget the millions of fellow Pakistanis who may not have had a square meal on Eid. I pray that Pakistan, this great country of ours, gets up on its feet and stands as an honourable and dignified nation before it is too late.
My heart goes out to the millions of our citizens who, standing in line behind trucks of sugar and flour with hands spread out for a mouthful, get baton charged and trampled under each others feet during stampedes. A proud nation is today a nation of beggars – either we are begging for some sugar at the lowest strata of society or we are begging for aid at the international level at the highest echelons. This proud nation must be awakened and its pride won back by the nation itself.

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