Steadying Pakistan – Yes We Can And Will Do It

Instead of being pessimistic about things and wondering where-from will emerge a new leadership in this country and multiplying the older generations with a zero all Pakistanis must look ahead and chip in for the future.

This country started from a scratch. It had nothing. Out of the 19 ordnance factories in British India not one was in what is now Pakistan. Today Pakistan is the world’s seventh nuclear military power, it produces battle tanks, guns, aircraft etc. This example is taken in the defence field and so some might say “so what about the civil sector? . The civil sectors too have grown but that growth has been a stunted growth due to faulty planning, political interferences, bureaucratic inefficiencies as well as and to a great extent due to paucity of funds. I, for one do not believe that this has been due exclusively because lack of funds alone because on the civilian side of our national life corruption has been so rampant right down to the lowest tiers. Schools are constructed and then allowed to either be used by waderas (feudals) as their Baithaks (sittiing rooms) or other such purposes. All this is done with impunity. Water schemes are constructed only to be allowed to rot and destroy themselves. Sub standard roads are constructed so that they are constantly repaired and reconstructed time and over again. All this has certainly taken a toll on the steady progress of Pakistan. There is, undoubtedly, a great need for substantial reforms and those reforms will never become a reality as long as the political status quo remains.

Till the sixties and early seventies things did go reasonably well. The then working Pakistanis, young and old, were charged with a fervour to develop their young country. They did all that they could do to keep Pakistan’s climb on the ladder towards prosperity a steady climb. There was a very special bondage then between Pakistanis and Pakistan that they had seen being carved out for them out of the erstwhile British India. That bondage has greatly changed. Corruption was something that was considered worse than being afflicted by cancer. Dedication, patriotism, devotion to duty and other such attributes were considered as assets that were generally recognized. All of these are now what become good Pakistanis’ liabilities. How very unfortunate.

Pakistan, in the sixties, brought about the Green Revolution which saw the country self sufficient in food grains and, in fact, Pakistan at that point of time became a wheat exporting country. The country saw, within a short span of time, a wide network of irrigation canals, distributaries, barrages and the huge dams such as Mangla and Tarbela coming up on Pakistan’s landscape.

It is commonly recognised that South Korea adopted Pakistan’s First Five Year Plan (1955-60) and while South Korea is now the World’s fourteenth largest economy and a regular member of the G-20 Pakistani leaders in designer suits go around begging all the time. Please take a look at an article that I had written in this context that was entitled “Consolidated National Policy” which I have placed on my web site for your reading. The link is

I think it is not right for the Pakistan’s younger generation to say that their ancestors were all bad. Pakistan would not have been where it stands if that were so. The point that I want to make here is yes, we could have been on a much higher pedestal amongst the comity of nations had we handled things still better. There have been lost opportunities galore. Pakistan is still in search of genuine political leadership and, in fact, this is Pakistan’s biggest dilemma and in this search are encompassed the solutions for all the ills that afflict this otherwise very progressive and Blessed Country.

Having said all that I can only urge all Pakistanis, young and old, to now stand up and walk out into the sun once more, like our ancestors did in 1947, and with chests held high and eyes brimming with confidence Steady Pakistan’s decline and take this very gifted country galloping forward towards the Pakistan that the common Pakistanis dream of and thus make the Pakistani Dream come about. There is no other option if Pakistanis hope to have a country of their own, some years down the road, and as it is today. Yes We Can And Will Do It. centrelink payday loans Jorge looked back on the list of research questions that he had written down earlier

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6 Replies to “Steadying Pakistan – Yes We Can And Will Do It”

  1. appreciate you keep on motivating us the old and young Pakistanis to stand up….. we are ready to come out in the streets but ………….after whom? some one should lead us

  2. Dear Mr. Khattak:

    You are right! This is our main problem once we have the genuine visionary political leadership magically things will start happening in right direction. Thanks.

    “Pakistan is still in search of genuine political leadership and, in fact, this is Pakistan’s biggest dilemma and in this search are encompassed the solutions for all the ills that afflict this otherwise very progressive and Blessed Country”

  3. Agreed! I should not have been that inconsiderate but when the shephereds themslves play wolf and cannibals and devour the folk, how should one react? Its not about me,it is about our generations to come. All is not well and can not be, I understand but when will we could get rid of those few with desinging heads ,cold hearts, shallow wit, and stone-deaf ears. Not a single figure, any where around, act responsibly. The country is heading towards a crash(God forbid) inspite of rich resources. Don,t twist my arm to vomit all the vile. But be sure, excetions are alyways there. I do remember, I have used words ‘tested and seasoned’ for you in earlier correspondence, and I stand by that. I can see the times when fresh and pure(patriotic) blood will invigorate the body of our beloved mother land. Soon Inshallah. Your only problem, perhaps, is you are playing for the wrong team now.


    Umar Siddique

  4. Umer Siddique: You said very well all overtly and covertly. The guy who shattered the confidence of his erstwhile masters PPP now has embarked on another avenue.How crooked and tricky these figures are.I think Kakool inculcates only this cunningness and deceitfulness in them which keep sticking to their characters till end. And it is this character of this particular class which is pushing the country to its sticky end.

  5. Well, Yousafzay, let ‘the guy’ himself respond to this. I won’t plead his case or will defend him.But to me he had always been up to the tasks ever assigned to him and never been disloyal to his party. By the way, the guy hails from Karak and there everyone is master of his own. I understand, your geographical belt carries that concept of ‘masters’ since long. Karak had never been to that. As for your second opinion, shuld I suggest we should reread some chapters from our history but with more concentration.

  6. Assalam alaikum Yousafzay and Umar Sidddique,
    Let me say that I will always speak through my posts and my readers are at liberty to form whatever opinion they would want to form.
    I have a track record that speaks for itself amongst the majority and, in short, I am proud of that track record. It does not matter if someone who does not even know why I resigned from the PPP and what I stand for today wants to make sweeping statements like those made by Yousafzay. They need to read more on matters before commenting.
    I do not have to plead my case nor defend myself. Its all there up front. But I suggest that Yousafzay should read what Umar Siddique wrote i.e. “But to me he had always been up to the tasks ever assigned to him and never been disloyal to his party.”
    Yousafzay Sahib please click on the word “letters” on the tool bar above and read my open letter through which I had resigned and also read there what Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had to say about me i.e. “the guy” according to you.
    Mr Yousafzay,I wish you the best and also pray that your outlook is broadened and improved so that you see things in a perspective that is far above personalities.
    I would like to hear from you in this column after you have read the open letter through which I resigned.
    Good luck
    Warm Regards

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