Wikileaks and Pakistan

What is it that the people of Pakistan did not know before the wikileaks? We knew it all. To be more on target I would say that the people of Pakistan were aware of much more than what wikileaks has brought to the fore. The Wikileaks effort, that smells of it being engineered, only confirms and authenticates what the Pakistani nation was already aware of and what our leaders, real as well as those masquerading as leaders, have always vehemently denied despite knowing that no one in Pakistan believed their denials.

The commonly asked question in Pakistan these days is “who actually administers and governs Pakistan?” The answer to this question is that all engineered political structures have to always be subservient to whoever engineers them. This is a stark reality that we cannot turn our face from. Barring a couple of dispensations in our history, which too will be questioned by many, Pakistanis have never produced wholly indigenous political dispensations. Therefore, it is we as a nation that must be blamed for our woes. The collective forgiving nature of the Pakistani nation has been very artfully exploited by the ruling political elite. Pakistanis cannot blame anyone else for not having the courage to use their votes judiciously.

The US, or any other power, will always act in its/their own interest depending upon what their assessments are at any particular point of time. Therefore, whatever Anne Patterson, the former US Ambassador in Islamabad and other high ranking US officials were reporting from Islamabad, and after their visits here, were part of their professional duties. If our political rulers and other power brokers fell over board proving that they were more sincere to foreign powers than they were to Pakistan then they had to be reported to Washington just as they had voiced their opinions on various matters in the cables that have now surfaced.

If the Pakistani ruling elite and other power brokers in Islamabad stumbled over each other in their bid to please the US Administration in an out of the way manner in order to prove to the US Administration that they are more than willing to rule Pakistan more as their viceroys rather than as genuine rulers of Pakistan then who can blame the US and the other powers for their assessments as contained in the wikileaks cables. These cables are wholly genuine and were actually generated after the many meetings in order to describe those, as they were, to the US administration in Washington.

The shame is that of the Pakistani people who voted in the last elections and even more so of that silent majority of Pakistanis who did not vote during the last general elections. The Pakistani nation, led by the silent majority, must now decide that we, the Pakistanis, have to live in the world, and in this region, as a respectable and sovreign nation which values its own sovreignty and independence and respects that of the other nations in the Region and in the world. Towards this end the people of Pakistan have to correct their voting pattern and the silent majority has to get itself counted for their own sake, that of their future generations and for the sake of the poor and under priveleged Pakistanis who have been held hostage and are too weak to react and change things without Pakistan’s silent majority playing its part.

Having said all that I will venture to ask a question from all my compatriots and that question is whether a nation like ours that does nothing but beg, in the comity of nations, for alms, crumbs and dollars/pounds/yens/dinars/riyals just like a street beggar does on our streets can ever express itself as a sovreign, self respecting, dignified and honourable nation? Obviously not.

We have a great nation and a patriotic population that is ready to bear all hardships, hunger and other difficulties besides toiling for the good of the country. Pakistan’s patriotic population says loudly that it will sacrifice everything for the sake of the country if the leaders do good things and take good decisions in absolute national interests. But will the leaders of today and the future do so is very ambiguous indeed. So far our leaders have only shown themselves gleefully begging for loans and grants in a manner that is disgraceful to say the least. They have done so without caring for the national prestige falling (now absolutely fallen) in the eyes of the world.

All of this begging has got Pakistan and Pakistanis deeper and deeper into the quicksand. Pakistanis now have only their necks sticking out of the quicksand, just about barely enough to breathe. It is now time to pull ourselves out of the quicksand as a respectable country and live in peace and move towards progress or just simply perish into the quicksand unheard, unsung and not even mourned.

It will be nice to know what Pakistanis think is the answer to their problems through their comments. Will Pakistanis ever be genuinely proud Pakistanis beyond just writing that slogan on their tee shirts? Are the people of Pakistan at the verge of an uprising or not? Can, what we have seen over sixty three years as endless misgovernance, just go on without hurting Pakistan’s sovreignty and integrity?
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15 Replies to “Wikileaks and Pakistan”

  1. as far the statements of wikileaks are concern everyone can feel tht its typical anti muslim unity and anti pakistan..the main reason for this is the war and this is a war of two mind sets, and both are parnaoid with thier perception one way or another…one calling the others extremists paranoe, while the opponents calling them the Infidels…if one following the agenda of the Arab Buduins, so the other following the agenda of the Naked west…if one is ideological the ohter is materialistic……
    both of them are extremists on their own way..If one side raining the bombs from air and abolishing everything, thats justified, but if the other use live misile on a precised target, thats unacceptable..One is using God and His writ, while the other using the free world and democracy as preset, to justify thier side of the story..
    One has all the power of the world, i mean the fire power, media etc, while the other has virtually nothing, yet the Mighty one is crying…

    I think both sld come together and compromise on something…this is kind a no win situation for all of them.. or otherwise this war will never end


  2. Sorry, HSK, you presented your case very well. But compromise in not in the nature of things in Afghanistan, which is what you’re referring to , I suppose. No way. The Afghans have to win this one, otherwise it’s curtains not only for us Muslims, but for the entire world.

    Victory is coming, never fear. And in that respect at least, the suspect Wikeleaks has done us some service. Just wait and see. A little more patience. The Afghan Resistance has done wonders already sparingly armed. Just imagine what they’ll be doing when the entire non-West world starts arming them to the teeth. That’s the next chapter in this most painfrul story.

  3. affirmative..
    but compromise doesnt mean giving up i refer to patience and gain sum strength then strike dem..
    in todays situation Afghans are fighting because they r left wid nothing to loose..
    but we Pakistan can do the same thing we have to act like a modern warriors like Slahudin Ayubi compromise and then strike at crusaders and wipe them out of the region from root..
    We pashtuns are not chicks which are grown in incubators and then killed..
    our arms are always stained with blood and our history tells that we have always killed for honor and we will but things doesnt end up here
    Invaders cant stay at pashtuns territory for long but we have to look for tht at what cost we are fighting this war

  4. You have missed the point. This article titled Wikileaks and Pakistan was meant to highlight the bankruptcy of the Pakistani leadership which has been shown by the leaks as weak and too dependent upon foreign support specially that of the US and other western powers to remain in power, after first getting there with foreign manipulations.
    This is where you all come in. How can Pakistan bring about a leadership that is strong and competent enough to stand up for the country (Pakistan) that they are supposed to govern for the betterment of its (Pakistan’s) own interests and for the emancipation of its own population. Some of the leaks are very embarrassing indeed.
    Pakistan will not be able to sustain the weight of its domestic problems if it is over and over again misgoverned blatantly.

  5. Hamid Sahib, let me begin with you reply which I read very attentively. We’ve settled the Afghan matter. So now let’s turn to the Pakistani Pukhtoon.

    If we could follow the example of Slahudin Ayubi, that would of course be ideal. But with things being what they are, with whom should they achieve a compromise? The present invaders? I shouldn’t advise that in the least.

    I don’t know whether you are from the Fata region or not. The latest news there is that both South and North Waziristan contain tremendous mineral wealth in the region. That is what the invaders are after, stealing our natural resources once again. Better to die to the last man, woman and child rather than allow that to happen in a repeat of former times, I’d say. The drone attacks are simply another act of intimidation. Either to chase away the existing population or to gain complete miining rights on their terms in that area. Better by far, for FATA to drive a bargain with China over exploiting the future mines than with any west country.

    Probably we’ll discover that Swat, too, is full of natural wealth. Though we’ve had no official confirmation of it so far.

    So, please, no compromise. This is the future of the coming generations of Pukhtoon which we’ll endanger if we enter the same old relationship of subservience to the west as in the past. Yours is a smashingly rich province which is going through tremendously tough times at the moment. But the Pukhtoon of Pakistan will come out on top. Their brothers in Afghanistan, with similar problems of rare minerals in their soil will see to it they do.

  6. Now Massod Sahib, Let me start off by saying, you were right: I wholly missed the point and I do apologise. I read only the first two paragraphs and missed out on the rest of it. Stupid of me.

    To the nitty-gritty of the matter next. We’ll leave any discussion of Wikileaks and its true meaning out of it. We all agree, I believe, that what passes for a government in Pakistan at the moment is one only in name. What passes for democracy in Pakistan is of the same nature.

    Instead of beginning with the voters, I’d begin with the candidates standing for election. Give us good candidates, candidates we can believe in and we’d all be voting for them in our masses. The problem today is we believe neither in the PPP (four times in power under three different persons, nor in the Muslim League of Nawaz Sahrif. The military dictatorship has brought us nothing at all, except perhaps under General Ayub Khan. So what do you expect voters to do? They stay away in droves. Those who do go to vote are the poor of our country and they are often compelled to cast their vote for whoever is their master. All this you know even better than I do. I can only beg all the good people in our country – and I count you among them – to join hands and present us with a united front. Masood Sahib, you owe the PPP nothing at all. It’s not ZAB’s PPP anymore than it is BB’s. And, in any case, your first allegiance is to Pakistan and not to a wholly deformed party which has become the laughing stock of the country.

    Right, point two: US slavery. Away with the begging bowl economy. Let me say in this respect that your speech to the Rotary Club was a model of its kind, a real blueprint for the resurgence of Pakistan. Let us do away with our begging bowl economy, even at the risk of declaring sovereign default under a new government. It has brought us nothing but grief and injustice. Never real peace and prosperity.

    We have two possibilities ahead of us as a country. To quote Imran Khan: a ballot box revolution or a revolution through the bullet from a gun. We would all much rather the former to the latter. If you are ex-leaders could join up with our future leaders whoever they may be you could get the vote out and pull Pakistan out of its present black hole.

    All the money the US has promised this country should be given to the IMF for whatever we borrowed from them for no reason anyone can fathom and then the door should be firmly shut in the faces of both
    while we work hand in hand to get our country back on its feet again according to the ideas you set out in your speech.

    In comclusion, a rectification. You talked several times of the middle class, but what of the vast majority of the destitute, the downtrodden, the illiterate? The poor figured nowhere in your speech. For me they are the real wealth of Pakistan. When their turn comes to thrive Pakistan will have finally taken off.

  7. Thank you for your dilligence Mirza Ghalib Sahib.
    The middle class was mentioned extensively because in that I see the leadership that we all yearn for that can eventually take Pakistan out of the quagmire it is presently in. The poor will willingly follow that middle class leadership if that middle class leadership, somehow, is able to push the traditional ruling elite out of the corridors of power.
    The poor, as you have also said, is alraedy in the fray but like you have acknowledged are always taken for a ride by those traditional political and feudal lords who control their destinies. The poor can also truly come into their own once the middle class and educated people start standing up for them and can protect their rights in the face of their braeking away from their traditional masters in the voting process.
    Have I craeted more confusion? In nutshell the poor will play their role independently only and only once the middle class and educated class can stand up with them so that they feel strong enough to vote on their own without fearing repercussions later.

  8. We learned that US-Pakistani relations are fragile and clouded by mutual suspicion and frustration, but each side is working tirelessly to find common ground and to improve trust and cooperation. We learned that the Pakistani military leadership is a powerful political force in a country with a weak civilian government, but is refusing calls by some opposition leaders to step in and is supporting the democratic process as it takes root.As Sir Masood Sharif Khattak Says we r Living in the Country which is Very Important in we should Before Our my veiw Vote is So Important then All Issues bcz we have selected and now we r suffering…Information of Wikileaks is very important and intresting in my we have to learns and gets lot of things from wikileaks About pakistan and others countries.
    Last Night i watch Aljazeera Inside Story i.c tehran is so Anger of Arabic Countries…Specially on Saudi Arabia,kuwit,UAE and Behrain….

  9. Masood Sahib, We are of one mind as regards the contents of your latest post. So as to avoid recent overlapping, I’ll resort to your immensely kind offer to make use of your E-Mail address soon and we’ll take it from there.

    Mushtaq Sahib, I’m far from convinced that Wikileaks is as objective as it might appear at first reading. There is a hand behind it, and it might well be that of CIA-Mossad, separately or together, as the case might be. So a pinch of salt is required as one carries on reading the so-called “revelations”.

    Don’t you see, this is all part of the ongoing Muslim Wars? Creating anger between Iran and the Arab world, should that be an act of kindness to the Muslim world? Burning Pakistan over a slow fire, should that be an act of friendship to the future resurgence of the Muslim Ummah? Creating further trouble between Sunnis and Shias along the Iraq pattern, are we supposed to cheer and applaud.

    I’m so sorry, Mushtaq Sahib, Wikileaks with not a word practically against Israel is really not my cup of tea. I keep an eye on it, sure, but more often than not choke over the stupidity of it all.

  10. Dear Mirza Ghalib Sahib,u iam not fully support wikileaks.but some of the wikileaks reports i acepted…USA ,israel and india made a plan after pakistan become a nuclear Power, so now they r Applying in diffrent steps.But we should to think about our country how is our political leaders..political leaders and Pak Army officer should not keep in tuch with US Ambassador in every my openion we should to do if we choose right way to push US policy and relation with US only limited not allowed in every our owen issue invole USA . as u see in wikileaks reports some r true or not can u belive it Mr Mirza ghalib…i can Belive….i like a brave political leader to come and save our all these political leader,s iam not looking Sincere,Honest and Brave…………..if we we find like person then INSAHLLAH we will be a gr8 Nation in the World..Wikileaks is the weakness of our leader,s ..they can do any thing for USA …i can say Dear USA is Strong then us bcz in pakistan every thinggssssss Avilabe but bad Managment,Bad Utalization And curruption…

  11. Dear Mushtaq Sahib, Now we do agree. We stay far away from US and we look very hard for the Sincere, Honest and Brave person(s) who will be our next Leader or Leaders.

    US out of Pakistan and its economy, bad Management, bad Utilization of resoures and Corruption out of Pakistan? On that day, then, we’ll become a great nation.

    And, believe it or not, I think this will happen soon. People may laugh at me, but I am sure this is about to take place: the return to health of our beloved country.

  12. @Mirza Ghalib. The email was so that you can introduce yourself to me if you like just in case you did not want to do so publicly. I would however prefer that discussions be carried out here on the website so that more people can express themselves ..

  13. Sure, Masood Sahib, sure. Not to worry. Hopefully others will be coming on to the website. too. And the discussion can grow even more animated.

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