Past and present muslim rulers in the light of history

If the facts that have come to light through the information brought to the fore by Wikileaks (not that we did not know about almost all of that) do not prove how bereft Pakistan is of quality leadership then nothing else will ever open the eyes of the Pakistani nation. I am borrowing a quote from an email from someone I know and it goes like this. Lord Dalhousie had once summed up the Nizam of Deccan as – Quote ” The Nizam of Deccan can stand any amount of kicking” Unquote. How do the factual disclosures of Wikileaks sum up the leaders of the muslim world of today is for each of us to assess. Does Lord Dalhousie’s observation still stand good if you substitute the then Nizam of Deccan with the words “muslim leaders of today, in general, and of Pakistan, in particular” . Iran and Turkey look like they are the only respectable exceptions . So are the muslim countries to the east of India including even Bangla Desh, an erstwhile part of Pakistan, but then these countries lie somewhat outside the sphere of the present day world’s theatre of war.

Fm, our premise is simple we believe questions and answers are the building blocks of conversation, self-expression and deeper understanding

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4 Replies to “Past and present muslim rulers in the light of history”

  1. What is it about Bangla Desh that gets Pakistanis so excited for reasons I have yet to understand. BD has fallen into Indian hands in all but name. India is best friends with our two most virulent enemies, US and Israel. The masses of BD are awaiting liberation at our hands, the big Muslim brother whose population has long outstripped their own – and we can’t even feed our own poor people.

    Up to us now in Pakistan, each one of us, to get things right again. Cost what it may, not one person who calls himself or herself a Pakistani is henceforth excluded from that task. As for Iran and Turkey, spot on. But they are now patiently awaiting awaiting the return of our own great country to its true path as the leader of the Muslim world.

    No wonder the Zionists are doing everything in their power to hinder that inevitable outcome.

    Meanwhile, Afghanistan and Iraq are doing the serious fighting for us. What great Muslim coordination!

  2. Right then, let me say hello to you Asif Khan Khatak and no less to you Masood Sharif Khan Khatak Sahib of whom I am also a great fan.

    I read through the comment I posted here on December 10, 2010 and I regret to say I must amend part of it completely, namely our praise of Turkey and Iran which, at the time seemed perfectly justified, but today makes no sense at all. The governments of both countries have amply proved their zionist credentials over first Libya and now Syria and so finally I see no hope for us all until and unless PTI is voted into power in Pakistan. Thank God for Masood Khatak^s presence in that party.

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