Pakistan Needs To Break The Status Quo Stranglehold

As a forward looking Pakistani and a proud Pakhtun I feel it is time in Pakistan for:-
1. Replacing of the pick and shovel (gaintee belcha) in the hands of the rugged, enterprising and patriotic Pakhtuns with books, pens and laptops.
2. To free the poor and thoroughly exploited Haris of Sindh and ensure that their next generations go to schools and are liberated of their waderas.
3. To integrate Baluchistan into the national mainstream in all respects and to ensure that the poor and completely subjugated people of Baluchistan are given 100% of the revenue obtained from their natural resources till Baluchistan has caught up with the rest of the country.
4. To stop villifying Punjab as an exploiter as most of Punjab rural is just as backward and neglected as the rural areas in other provinces and here too the people have to still be liberated from the tyranny of their local and bigger Chaudhris.
5. To take a look at what Pakistan possesses in the shape of Gilgit-Baltistan as heaven on earth and strive to develop the area and bring prosperity to the area before it gets too late as the dynamics in this region are likely to change in the coming years and nothing short of fast paced development will be able to integrate the area firmly as a part of the Federation of Pakistan.
6. To give Azad Jammu and Kashmir it’s due and to ensure that the area becomes so developed that people from across the border look at it enviously and then gradually, without any military adventures, the Kashmiri people unite and, by absolute choice, opt to become a part of Pakistan.
6. Corruption has to be buried deep and be replaced by another code of life wherein the corrupt are shunned by the society and the honest honored rightfully.
7.To make merit the only criteria for everything-even a peon’s job.
8. To honour our heroes and condemn those who let down this great beloved country of ours.
9. And so much more in line with the above mentioned aspects
10.In short, it is time to break the status quo and the stranglehold of the few that have (mis) ruled the destinies of the deprived millions in Pakistan.

THE BIG QUESTION:- Will Pakistan stand up for its own liberation from the home grown and fast degenerating status quo symbolised by the traditional political elite that has enslaved it (Pakistan) to the peril of its own existence as a respectable, dignified, honourable, progressive and genuinely sovreign State? Time is surely running out on us all.

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8 Replies to “Pakistan Needs To Break The Status Quo Stranglehold”

  1. The article , though, suggested good points but it sound too idealistic – Bringing such changes need a revolution which in turn needs many basic requirements like – organized political party with feasible program , trained and committed cadre of workers , sincere and patriotic socialistic leadership

  2. The post of Masood sharif kttk is very good. But it is like a dream someone see. These points are for ideal situation not for pak. Although we are not dishearted but the mindset change be needed which i think wil take time or wil need a revolution. We need to be very sincere to our duties and must choose honest leaders. I have read the statement of masood sharif sir n the ‘karak’ blog where he has shared his experience of how is the thinking of a voter? Lot of voter have no since of such probs but he( voter) thinks in his own will, which may be money or any other personal interest, which causes the status quo ( i mean specific 2 or 3 leaders are only comming from 47th til date turn by turn) and they don’t want any change.

  3. Salam Dear Major sb,

    As per reliable it is known that you have decided to join PTI. Inshallah it will be proved to be your best decision, Sir inshallah now no one can stop you to represent us in national assembly, and we khattaks , PTI and Pakistanies have a lot of expectation from you. and Inshallah you would be successful.

    Best Regards,
    Amjad Siddique
    Bogara Karak.

  4. As per reliable Sources it is known that you have decided to join PTI. Inshallah it will be proved to be your best decision, Sir inshallah now no one can stop you to represent us in national assembly, and we khattaks , PTI and Pakistanies have a lot of expectation from you. and Inshallah you would be successful.

    Best regards,
    Amjad Siddique
    Bogara Karak.

  5. Many congrats sir on joining PTI. PTI is only option and hope left for young Pakistanis. I have full faith in you and Imran Khan for the contributions you will be making towards the restoration of real democracy in Pakistan, develop and strengthen the institutions of Health, Social Welfare & Education to start with….I can see Imran’s followings on Quaid-e-Azam’s sayings, statements and the road map he had planned for Pakistan. We have full faith in you that you won’t do any compromise with establishment. Best of luck sir at the start of this long journey of hard work!!!!

  6. Masood Sharif Khan Khattak is the killer of thousand of urdu speaking people…… All karachi hate this person….

  7. The suggested points are no doubt fine but how the Haris of Sindh and the poor farmers of south Punjab can be freed from the shackles of the cruel feudal system .? How these badly exploited poor folks can stand up for their liberation ? The status quo can be changed only when some political party led by non feudal leadership come forward with clear and solid agenda in this respect

  8. comments on photographs masood sharif khattak wearing light blue suit alongwith Mrs Z A Bhutto, Mrs ASIF ALI ZARDARI & sheikh of Abudhai( U A E) Historical photograph. RAJA SHAHAIB OF MAHMOODABAD REMEMBERED.
    SOCHTA PAKISTAN PUZZLE PALACE men like Agha Hassan Abedi, Sunny Ahmed,the bankers of BCCI including my brother in law SAEED KIRMANI & HIS ELDER BROTHER zaki kirmani personal photographer once upon a time of sheikh of ABUDHABI re-calling the joint team work of IB, MI, ISI OR RAW OR MOSSAD OR MI8 OR CIA WHICH GROUP sharing info for world peace with whom or exploiting circumstances OR Greatness is being thrust upon chairman pti MR. Imran Khan the cricketer ANALYSIS IN HAND AFTER THE SPEECHES MADE BY President of Pakistan & USA AT THE UNO CONFERENCE sept 2012.

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