Reinvigoration Of Pakistan And The Pakistani Dream – Proposed Speech For The Prime Minister of Pakistan

In these turbulent times I would suggest to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to make the speech proposed below this prelude and that too from the floor of the National Assembly in a joint session of the Parliament. Let the world feel the emergence of the new Pakistan through the words of the Pakistani Prime Minister rendered from the floor of the National Assembly with members of the Senate also present.

Let the world see that all divisive lines in Pakistan be they political, ethnical, sectarian, or of any other kind have suddenly been erased. Let the world hear the roar of the new Pakistan through the thunderous applause of all members of the National Assembly and the Senate sitting under one roof for this particular speech and cheering the Prime Minister in unison.f0d4afa7405db0b9b3366e08bbe7[1]

Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto put Pakistan back on its feet in the post 1971 war period. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2014, has a date with destiny and I pray that he will repeat Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s feat and usher in the emergence of the new Pakistan. I pray that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will provide Pakistan, a country raring to go, the leadership that is essential for Pakistan’s take off towards peace, progress and prosperity.

Pakistan has a free and independent judiciary because of the Long March in 2009. On 15 March 2009, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif broke through all the barriers in Lahore disregarding his personal safety. Today, as Prime Minister of Pakistan, I pray that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif breaks through all the barriers which have stood in Pakistan’s way to progress, peace and prosperity.

These barriers that have always subdued Pakistani political leadership from taking steps that are good for Pakistan are too well known to all Pakistanis. They have to now be overcome – once and for all.

I pray that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will shun all apprehensions and place his complete trust in the Pakistani nation of 180 million people whose hearts must now beat together if Pakistan has to prosper. I also pray that all the political parties and leaders of Pakistan will stand behind him and prove that Pakistan is one solid nation when interests of Pakistan are involved.

Mr. Prime Minister, pull Pakistan back from the brink of disaster and back to normalcy and then make Pakistan march towards peace and prosperity. Like in the sport called ‘tug of war’ you will find behind you 180 million Pakistanis pulling that rope with such power that the world will be surprised. There is no need to fear anything.


On a personal note, I am of the considered opinion that the next 15 years belong to Pakistan and that the forthcoming 15 years shall be the most prosperous and progressive years for Pakistan. INSHA ALLAH.

I say that because ‘Pakistan’s inherent corrective dynamics’ which are akin to an aircraft’s auto pilot system are taking over rapidly and these dynamics, if propelled rather than resisted, will now correct many factors that have hitherto been impediments to Pakistan’s move towards peace, progress and prosperity.

Pakistan’s independent judiciary, ever increasing desire for the rule of law, a very vibrant civil society, an aggressively independent media and the desire of all Institutions to work within their respective domains are some of the constituents of the ‘inherent corrective dynamics’ I mentioned.

So, go ahead, Mr. Prime Minister, take the lead. Take the horse by the reins. Take the wheel at the bridge of the ship called Pakistan and sail it towards prosperity and peace. The ship is ready and its engines are roaring. As the Captain of the ship give that much awaited order ‘ALL HANDS ON DECK AND FULL SPEED AHEAD’.

Meeting With Mian Nawaz Sharif
Meeting With Mian Nawaz Sharif


At the outset I wish to say, from the floor of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Assalamalaikum to each and every Pakistani of all ages, religions, castes, creed, color and ethnicity. I wish to say a very special Assalamalaikum to the magnificent Pakistani youth who are our biggest hope for building the new Pakistan and for realizing The Pakistani Dream.

I have a very special Asslamalaikum to say to all our elders, brothers, sisters and children who live and earn on foreign soil but have their heartbeats synchronized with the heartbeats of the 180 million Pakistanis here in the homeland. We miss you all and I promise you the new Pakistan will soon be beckoning you all to return to your near and dear ones. I promise you that the new Pakistan will have, on offer, conditions good enough for you all to want to come back to the homeland and participate in its reclamation, reinvigoration and rebuilding as a peaceful, progressive and prosperous country. Together we will ensure the emergence of the Pakistan of our dreams. INSHA ALLAH

On my own behalf, on behalf of the entire Pakistani nation and that of the elected representatives of the 180 million Pakistanis sitting in this august House I wish to extend greetings to the people and decision makers in all our near and distant neighboring countries, all the countries of the Islamic world, United States, all the other countries of North and South America, European Union, People’s Republic of China, Russia, Far East Asia, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa – in short to the people and decision makers of the world.

My speech today shall lay the corner stones of the emerging new Pakistan that shall be a peaceful and progressive Islamic Welfare State which will be at peace within and at peace with one and all around the world. Our resolve is strong, well-meaning and simple. Our resolve is to achieve the realization of ‘The Pakistani Dream’. Our resolve is to pull Pakistan out of poverty and put it on the map of the rapidly developing nations as well as on the map of the surging economies.

Our resolve is for Pakistan and is NOT against anyone. We will hope that the world will appreciate our efforts at ensuring that the hitherto aid seeking Pakistani nation is converted into a self-sufficient, peaceful, developing and progressive nation that is, in time, capable of aid giving too. Any impediments wilfully placed in the path of Pakistan’s march forward or those that we will encounter as we coast along towards our objectives will, rest assured, be overcome.

The Pakistani Dream envisages a Pakistan that is run in accordance with the Constitution and through the systems and institutions that take roots from the Constitution itself.

The Pakistani Dream envisages a Pakistan wherein the law along with the law enforcing agencies will be the protectors of the law abiding Pakistanis from all unlawful elements as well as from the State itself should State power be misused unjustifiably by any State functionary against any citizen.

The Pakistani Dream envisages a Pakistan where every Pakistani from the common man to the Presidents and Prime Ministers will be free citizens of a free country that will promise equality of justice, equal opportunities for employment, gender equality and empowerment of women, eradication of cronyism, uniform development across the length and breadth of Pakistan, safety of life and property and the emancipation of the downtrodden.

The Pakistani Dream envisages that the hitherto conflict between the Pakistani State and the Pakistani citizen will end and the new motto for all Pakistanis will be “Together we Stand as One”.

The new Pakistan will strive for peace within itself and shall help in bringing about peace in the Region as well as the world at large. Pakistan has proven its desire for world peace through its exceptional contribution towards UN peace efforts in troubled spots around the globe. Pakistani peace keeping forces have left a trail of goodwill, love, care and affection in many parts of the world. Pakistan has always been the biggest contributor of UN peace keeping forces.

Let no one within Pakistan, or outside, have the slightest doubt that the Pakistan visualized by the Founder of our nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah will now emerge in full force and nothing, domestic or foreign, will be allowed to stand in Pakistan’s way to become a truly peace loving, progressive, modern and moderate Islamic Welfare State.

It is also necessary to say, unambiguously, that while Pakistan will always stand for peace and tranquility amongst nations it will respond to any act of violence against itself, covert or overt, in a manner that, thereafter, none will dare to violate Pakistan’s sovereignty ever again. Here onwards any state or non-state actors that plan to harm Pakistan in any way must be ready for that Pakistani response that has thus far, for some odd reasons, been held back.

In the times ahead Pakistan will not allow any sort of harm caused to it go by without a solid riposte. Pakistan will stand for peace. I make a promise to the world that Pakistan will never hurt any nation’s peace and will also not allow any other nation to hurt Pakistan’s peace and interests in any manner.

My call to the Region is, therefore, to move forward and progress together in full cooperation between us all so that the nearly three billion plus people of South Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asian States and China begin to learn to live in a peaceful and progressive environment like the rest of the world in Europe and the Americas. Let humanity, half of which lives in our region; exist in harmony in this very blessed part of the planet which has seen an enormous amount of bloodshed over the decades gone by.

Let bloodshed now be replaced by peace, tranquility, progress, prosperity, mutual cooperation, justice, equal trade opportunities, inter-country employment and all round happiness. Enough is enough as far as negative activity in this region is concerned.

On Pakistan’s part, I say it once again, unequivocally, that the new Pakistan vows to stay away from all actions of any state or non-state actors that it envisages can be harmful to any country in the region. But, I am constrained to repeat, that if such an activity is aimed at Pakistan itself we vow to first sound off an open word of caution to the sponsoring country and if those activities are not ceased forthwith Pakistan will always, inevitably, act in self defence in whatever way that it shall then deem fit to defend its territorial integrity and internal peace, or both.

Over the past 65 years Pakistan has been taking wound after wound silently. These wounds were inflicted upon Pakistan due to the political expediencies and weaknesses of its constitutional or non-constitutional rulers. In the Pakistan of the past the Constitution was mostly rendered helpless. Pakistan has now changed and the Constitution is no longer helpless. The ‘inherent corrective dynamics’ of Pakistan are taking over and Pakistan is no longer willing to receive wounds be they physical, economical or in the shape of created and sponsored internal disruptions caused through ethnic and sectarian violence.

Many grievous wrongs have been heaped upon Pakistan at different times in the past 65 years by the world community and these have stood in Pakistan’s way towards progress and prosperity. As an example let me say that if the 1948 UN Resolution No 47 in regard to the exercise of self-determination for the Kashmiri people had been enforced Pakistan, India and, by extension, all of South Asia would not have been stricken by poverty, wars, proxy wars and other miseries of sorts. The world chose to keep the Kashmir issue brewing and it continues to foment problems in the region. Pakistan now calls upon the world to take the lead and resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with the desires and right of self-determination of the people of Kashmir.

The invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 by the erstwhile USSR, a super power of its time, and by the only other super power (now sole super power) USA in 2001 have also had devastating and indescribable adverse effects on Pakistan and Afghanistan, in particular, and the region, in general.

All that Pakistan now asks the world for is that Pakistan be left alone as a neutral country and its effort aimed at reclaiming itself from the jaws of adversity must not be hindered in any way. Pakistan intends to resolutely march towards its cherished aim of becoming a progressive, modern and moderate Islamic Welfare State. Nothing is going to stop this march anymore.

The world community must respect Pakistan’s desire to be a useful member of the comity of nations. Pakistan has decided to move on its own towards neutrality, peace, progress and prosperity. No hindrance or dictates shall be powerful enough to dampen Pakistan’s resolve.

Pakistan is no longer going to tolerate its soil being used to shed sacred and valuable Pakistani blood in proxy wars of sorts. To the decision makers of the countries that are utilizing covert efforts to foment religious hatred and violence amongst the various sects of Pakistan I, backed by members of all the sects and religions existing in Pakistan and their public representatives sitting here in this august house, say it loud and clear that such activity must be stopped.

Pakistan knows all about such ongoing activities and as of today we shall observe closely and hope that all offensive and subversive cells being operated through local proxies in various parts of Pakistan through the support of the sponsoring countries will shut down. The ones that shut down will appear on Pakistan’s intelligence radar as having shut down because from this day onwards they are under Pakistan’s intelligence microscope.

Those that do not shut down within a period of 45 days from now will have to face the new Pakistan’s iron fist. It will then not only be the local cells that will be destroyed and deactivated but steps like Pakistan being forced to sever diplomatic relations with the sponsoring country may also be taken. No consequence can ever be of more significance than the need for Pakistan to preserve its own peace, sovereignty and integrity. Besides, Pakistani blood is no longer going to be allowed to spill on Pakistani streets.

The new emerging Pakistan cannot and will not tolerate any intelligence effort from any state or non-state quarters within Pakistan that foments discord and results in the bloodshed of even a single Pakistani citizen of any religion, ethnicity, caste, creed or color. Irrespective of any consideration, hostile intelligence activity within Pakistan will always receive a strong response.

In the light of what has been said about covert and overt offensive intelligence activity in Pakistan by state or non-state actors let me also emphasize that all diplomatic activity within Pakistan by all countries of the world from now onwards will have to be purely diplomatic.

All diplomats acting in non-conformity of the rules and regulations governing diplomatic presence in Pakistan will certainly become a source of tension between Pakistan and their respective countries.

It shall, therefore, be apt for all the countries that have beefed up intelligence resources within Pakistan due to the events of the post 9/11 period to revert to their diplomatic presence in Pakistan in accordance to the agreement between Pakistan and those countries as existing in Pakistan Foreign Office records.

Pakistan lives with the bitter experience of the international conspiracies that led to Pakistan’s humiliating defeat in the eastern sector in 1971 which generated the breakup of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh. We will not hide behind excuses. The rulers of Pakistan prior to the 1971 debacle also made mega errors between 1947 and 1971 that contributed towards the happening of the debacle in 1971.

Having acknowledged our own short comings let me now say that those weaknesses of our own we may have overcome, one way or another. Or, on the other hand, we may not have overcome them. But the fact is that, in order to exploit our weaknesses, the erstwhile USSR then colluded with India to militarily bring about the dismemberment of the then Pakistan and made the creation of Bangladesh possible through military means.

The USSR teamed up with India to teach Pakistan a lesson because of Pakistan having facilitated the opening of diplomatic relations between USA and China through the week long all important visit of President Nixon to Peking (now Beijing) in 1972. That visit may not have taken place for a very long time to come had it not been for Pakistan’s cordial relations with the then reclusive China. It is also a known fact that the Pakistani efforts stemmed from a special request made by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger to the then Pakistani President after having invited him to the White House. It is an open secret that it was Pakistan that planned and made possible Henry Kissinger’s secret visit to Peking in 1971 which enabled President Nixon to announce on July 15, 1971 that he would be visiting China in the following year i.e. 1972. The visit then took place from 21 – 28 Feb 1972 and was described by President Nixon as ‘the week that changed history’ while Henry Kissinger described Nixon’s meeting with Chairman Mao Tse Tung as ‘an encounter with history’. All of that was made possible through the efforts of Pakistan.

However, in 1971, despite all its good efforts, Pakistan found itself standing absolutely alone when it was being made to break up through military means resulting from a collusion between one of the then two super powers i.e. the USSR with India.

Additionally, the price Pakistan has paid for having been in the thick of the situation arising out of the 1979 invasion of Afghanistan by the then super power i.e. the erstwhile USSR has been colossal. What Pakistan has had to face because of the USA/NATO invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 has been even worse and the trauma is, as yet, ongoing. All of it is too well known to be repeated.

In the light of these and many other bitter experiences Pakistan has decided that it will no longer be available to any super power of the present era, or the future era, for any role that may antagonize any other power block of the world. Only those initiatives will always be welcome and will be supported which are helpful to the development and progress of Pakistan or any other country in the neighborhood and the region. Pakistan will not allow itself to ever again be sucked into never ending, futile, alien and destructive wars.

If Pakistan is forced to suffer economically, or in any other way, for such a neutral and nonaligned foreign policy, so be it. We shall face and conquer those circumstances when we come to them. Hopefully, they will not be made to occur. But if they do occur or are made to occur Pakistan as a resilient nation will overcome difficulties imposed upon it unjustifiably.

I want my voice heard as that of the new Pakistan. A voice that is one human voice but behind it reverberates the voice of nearly 180 million Pakistanis when I say, with all the emphasis at my command, that the new Pakistan will stand on its own feet – come what may.

We will rise from the ashes on our own steam. It will be slower but will be made to come about till the world realizes the emerging reality of a new peaceful and progressive Pakistan and begins to have a reasonable attitude towards Pakistan.

Even if nations of the world deny us support for their own reasons, whatever those reasons may be, we will respect their denial and still have very cordial relations with those nations in the hope that they shall someday realize and find in Pakistan a peaceful, trustworthy and reliable friend- not an ally.

We need the world’s good wishes and support for the strong resolve in the new Pakistan to be a vibrant, peaceful, progressive, prospering and friendly Islamic Welfare State.

Pakistan, on its part, makes a promise to the world that it will strive hard to be a useful and productive member of the comity of nations. Pakistan intends to spearhead the South Asian economy in the coming days.

Without the fear of being repetitive let me once again stress on the all-important aspect that Pakistan assures the world that it’s now onwards struggle will be aimed at becoming a self-respecting, dignified and a completely sovereign State which will respect the self-respect, dignity and sovereignty of all other States irrespective of their size, influence, financial power or military might.

The new Pakistan has stopped asking for aid. We do not want aid anymore. We now want trade, industrial and commercial cooperation and respect for our values while we too respect your values.

As a respectable nation Pakistan also promises all international financial institutions and countries that Pakistan shall return each and every penny it owes to any institution or country.

The present turmoil in the region which was not created by Pakistan but has engulfed Pakistan in a never ending vicious cycle of violence must come to an end. We can ill afford violence in Pakistan while we embark upon our quest for all round progress and prosperity. In fact, peace in Afghanistan is of paramount importance to both, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Therefore, while Pakistan will try and earn its own peace, as it deems fit, the UN, USA and NATO must accelerate their efforts to negotiate peace in Afghanistan.

Modest estimates show that Pakistan’s economy has suffered to the tune of nearly 100 billion dollars because of the Afghanistan turmoil that has spilled over into Pakistan and engulfed it for over a decade. According to estimates the loss of life stands at around 60000 people dead in violence of sorts. The now controversial International War on Terror has also gotten so localized that it is compressed from an international arena into the Pashtun belt of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Pashtuns deserve peace and progress on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. While the world rebuilds Afghanistan I promise the Pashtuns on Pakistan side of the border that, with or without world assistance, Pakistan will develop the entire Pashtun belt of Pakistan at a fast pace as we earn our peace.

The armed forces of Pakistan, its para military forces and the police have lost more men and officers, including General officers, than the armed forces of the rest of the world put together despite the fact that the US and NATO forces physically occupied two sovereign countries over the past thirteen years.

What is painful for all Pakistanis is that the free world does not even acknowledge Pakistan’s forced sufferings and damages. Sadly still, the world does not even understand the extreme conditions that Pakistan has had to face in the past thirteen years for no fault of its own. Instead of looking at Pakistanis with respect for having stood up as a peaceful nation Pakistanis are scorned across the world. We will, by the strength of what the new Pakistan will achieve, redeem the lost prestige of Pakistan in the eyes of the world and will achieve it very soon.

I shall now say a few words for Pakistan’s domestic consumption and welcome the world to remain a part of the audience for a better understanding of the emerging new Pakistan.

I am a Pashtun, a Baluchi, a Sindhi, a Kashmiri, a Gilgiti, a Punjabi and most of all a Pakistani. Let us all rise above everything else and just be Pakistanis from this day onwards. But before I move on let me speak my heart out for my Pashtun brothers and sisters.

Our brave Pashtuns bore the ill effects of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and have now borne the brunt of the War on Terror. In 1947 the brave tribes of Pashtuns won for Pakistan what is today a major part of Azad Kashmir. In 1965 and in 1971 the brave tribal lashkars came to Kashmir and fought side by side with the Pakistan Army voluntarily. The gallant and patriotic Pashtun tribes guarded Pakistan’s western borders without the presence of even a single regular soldier on those borders during the 1965 and 71 Wars with India.

Today, let me ask all Pakistanis to stand up and salute the bravery and the extreme sense of patriotism of the valiant Pashtuns.

I assure our Pashtun brothers and sisters that the rest of Pakistan will now sacrifice in order to give them their due in the new Pakistan in the shape of the most rapid paced development in each and every sector of life. We Pakistanis are proud of you all. We salute your patriotism over and over again.

Pakistan will now rise from the ashes of the past 65 years of poor governance, political instability, wars and military stand offs with India primarily due to the outstanding issue of Kashmir. In short, Pakistan WILL now rise from the ashes of all the adversities it has faced. On behalf of the resilient and determined people of Pakistan I assure the world that it will witness all of this happening in the coming weeks, months and years. We seek friendship of one and all but will not bear the hegemony of any country or of any International Financial Institution anymore.

I wish to say to the eternal pessimists within Pakistan, to all those whose belief in Pakistan’s future has dampened as well as to those, within and outside Pakistan, who have toiled hard to destroy Pakistan from within that Pakistan’s future is extremely bright. No amount of sponsored or indigenous disorders will ever be able to even dent Pakistan’s sovereignty and integrity.

I want to say to them all that Pakistan is destined to soon be on the road to development, progress and prosperity and that it shall all be wrapped in a blanket of peace, harmony and tranquility.

I do hope that the pessimists amongst Pakistanis will begin to re-orientate themselves and get into a more positive mind and try to make themselves useful and productive Pakistanis. Pakistan needs their positivity.

To those from amongst us who have toiled hard to harm Pakistan let me say, in blunt and unambiguous words, that they have failed miserably in their efforts to damage and undo Pakistan in one way or another and that their best effort aimed at harming Pakistan has passed away unsuccessfully. They shall now onwards not have available to them the playground from which they have thus far acted against Pakistan’s interests with impunity while pretending to be respectable citizens in one guise or another.

Pakistan is here to stay and will, from this moment onwards, move from strength to strength, till the world around it recognizes it as a completely sovereign, dignified, self-respecting, honorable, progressive and prosperous Islamic Welfare State that respects these very attributes of all the nations of the world i.e. from the weakest country to the only super power.

Pakistan’s fifth columnists have been moving about in our society clad in designer suits, shirts and ties. Our fifth columnists have moved about in our society in one or another respectable disguise and have always been known to the agencies of the State of Pakistan who have been extremely lenient and soft on them so far. Those days are now over.

Pakistan will, from this day onward, deal with all fifth columnists working against the interests, integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan on their own, or on being sponsored by foreign state and non-state actors, with a heavy hand and under the relevant laws of the land that will be strictly implemented. Hey days for anti-state elements to function within Pakistan with gay abandon are over. They should now be on their guard to face the consequences from state agencies which will now guard the country’s integrity with a vigor not hitherto seen. Riding on the back of foreign funds provided for damaging Pakistan’s interests will no longer be a smooth ride. All enemies of Pakistan thus stand warned. Either you give up your anti-Pakistan activities or face the consequences of such activity.

Having so cautioned the fifth columnists and other elements that cause law and order situations and disruptions in our civic life let me say emphatically that the law abiding citizens will never have to fear as the State personnel will, rest assured, always act as their servants and protectors.

To the servants of the people of Pakistan whether they are in the political sphere, civil bureaucracy, in the military, the diplomatic service of Pakistan, in any State owned autonomous and semi-autonomous body, the police, civil armed forces, Pakistan customs, the revenue departments, departments of defence production or in any other way in the service of the State of Pakistan I want to say in unambiguous terms that the days of weighing a public office as lucrative are over. You are all there to serve the State of Pakistan and not to squeeze out of Pakistan ill-gotten wealth. It is time to give your expertise to Pakistan. It is now time to deliver. As of now the State will be watching.

In the days to come those who carry on with the habit of fleecing Pakistan should be prepared to feel the iron hand of the new Pakistani State on their neck the moment they indulge in graft, kick-backs or receiving of bribes. Your choice is clear; either you serve the State of Pakistan selflessly or leave before you feel the grip of the State on your white collars. Rest assured the new Pakistan shall be ruthless with those who plunder it and with those who make the lives of the citizens of Pakistan miserable.

If you do not have mercy on Pakistan today then you should not expect mercy from Pakistan when you are discovered for illegal acts.

As a first step towards the State of Pakistan taking the responsibility to protect each and every citizen and his, or her, property it has been decided that as of this day the only people who will carry a weapon in public will be those personnel who are in the service of Pakistan’s armed forces, civil armed forces, police, authorized private security companies and/or any other person authorized to carry a weapon due to reasons of being in the service of Pakistan.

No private person will move about with armed private body guards even if the weapons are licensed. Every weapon in the hands of anyone who is not a State official designated to carry a weapon will be considered as illegal and will be confiscated. In short all licenses are being suspended and duly licensed weapons will be deposited at police stations with their licenses. Pakistanis must regain their lost confidence in the State’s ability to protect all citizens.

To all those who took on the Pakistani State and the Pakistani people through an armed conflict which saw indiscriminate bombings at schools, mosques, imam bargahs, market places, hotels, funerals etc. besides their attacks on the symbols of the State like the armed forces personnel, armed forces installations, police and civil armed forces personnel, police stations, government offices etc. I shall like to say that it is time for violence to give way to peace.

It is now imperative for them to cease all anti state activities and violence forthwith and let the peace negotiations proceed to find a way out of the impasse within the shortest reasonable period of time. The new Pakistan has undone the mistakes of the past by announcing a neutral foreign policy to be followed in the years to come. This too should facilitate the peace negotiations.

Everyone has seen that the intense and indiscriminate attacks have further strengthened the resolve of the Pakistani State and the Pakistani people to bring peace to Pakistan. Pakistanis are happy to note that there is an all-round urge for peace. We must capitalize on that urge for peace and not let the ongoing peace talks be sabotaged. It is for all to see that schools, mosques, market places, hotels etc. are today brimming with life despite all the indiscriminate violence of the past many years. Police stations and military installations can be damaged but not annihilated within any modern state and Pakistan is a very strong modern state. Therefore, why all this violence? Muslims, be they in Afghanistan or in Pakistan should never have been at war amongst themselves under any banner whatsoever. However, since history is history, and all this has happened, let us now find a peaceful solution in Pakistan.

Pakistan will give the peace negotiations a very fair chance to succeed. As a first step Pakistan hopes that the ongoing negotiations prove to be successful within a reasonable period of time. Pakistan as a strong modern State is constantly weighing its options in all the possible emerging hypotheses. I assure you all that Pakistan will never run out of options in any emerging situation. The new Pakistan will prove up to any situation that it is likely to confront in case the peace talks fail though Pakistan earnestly desires that the peace negotiations must succeed.

Baluchistan is close to every single Pakistani heart. Pakistan will pay special attention towards the development and achievement of peace and tranquility in Balochistan. We shall initiate actions that will bring the Baluchi sense of deprivation to an end. This is a solemn pledge being made to the people of Baluchistan by the emerging and new Pakistan. If Pakistan has to develop Baluchistan has to be its stepping stone towards that development. In other words Pakistan can develop only if Baluchistan develops at a fast pace.

In summing up let me say that just like the National Assembly and the Senate approved the Nineteenth Amendment in an amicable manner a Committee will be formed comprising of legislators of all the political parties that will formulate new laws and amend old laws relating to the functioning of the political parties of Pakistan. This Committee shall also bring about electoral reforms of far reaching consequences so as to ensure that Pakistan always has free and fair elections.

As a major step towards political reforms I consider it of paramount importance to ask all political parties to disband armed militant wings within the next 30 days – should any party have such militant/criminal elements in their ranks. Politics and violence cannot go hand in glove if Pakistan has to have an emancipated civil society. Militancy has to now give way to peace, progress and prosperity. There is no other option for Pakistan.

I will say it as emphatically as it can be said that Pakistan today has a military potential that any country can rightly be proud of. Pakistan built this conventional and unconventional military capability at a very great sacrifice and despite resistance, pressures and sanctions. Pakistan did so after it realized in 1971 that it shall have to possess the unconventional military capability so as to be able to defend its own territorial integrity. Pakistan is proud of all its scientists and other personnel that were involved in the process which gave Pakistan its nuclear military capability. Let me also say that it is this balance of military power, especially in the unconventional military capability, between Pakistan and India that has kept the two countries from going to war ever since 1971.

Pakistan realizes the fact that war is no longer an option for Pakistan and India to resolve any issue. Pakistan hopes the Indian leadership also realizes the same and decides, like Pakistan, to sit on the table and decide the Kashmir issue according to the wishes of the people of Kashmir or let it be resolved by the UN in accordance to the UN Resolution No 47 of 1948. I want to make yet another appeal to the world leadership to use its influence on the Indian leadership so that the Kashmir issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the people of Kashmir. Step in and mediate and let the Kashmiri people have their fundamental right to decide their fate and destiny.

Having elaborated upon Pakistan’s conventional and unconventional military potential as being very significant let me say it as clearly as I can that none in the world needs to fear or have any apprehensions about this tremendous military potential that Pakistan possesses. Only those who have any evil design on the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan need fear Pakistan’s powerful and determined riposte. The world must now know that Pakistan will be seeking peace for itself and shall be honoring the peace of all other nations.

I assure Pakistan’s armed forces that they will always have enough resources so as to keep ahead of time and, thus, always be in a fit state to defend Pakistan. I reiterate, once again, that Pakistan intends to be a peaceful, progressive and an entirely responsible modern State with a wish that no other country will ever try and foment discord and violence in Pakistan.

I and the nation stand and salute the valiant armed forces of Pakistan. We are together Pakistan’s strength. I want our soldiers to know Pakistanis value their sacrifices immensely. As a nation, 180 million hands rise in a salute to our brave sons and daughters who are in the service of Pakistan’s armed forces and to those who have laid down their lives for Pakistan.

Let us now, for a moment, also hang our heads in remorse that we let so much adversity happen to Pakistan. After that moment, let us raise our heads once again, put our chests out and remove the forlorn looks in our eyes and replace those looks with one of determination, pride, dignity, honour and self-respect that will guide us individually, as well as collectively, through our new journey that will usher in a new Pakistan as well as the Pakistani Dream. INSHA ALLAH.

Finally, I will request the members of the National Assembly and the Senate, and also all Pakistanis anywhere at this particular moment to stand and offer Fateha for all those gallant officers and men of the Pakistan armed forces, civil armed forces and the police who have been killed in ensuring that we who live on live in a secure and safe Pakistan. Let us also remember in our prayers all our elders, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children who were killed due to the violence of the past 12-13 years.

Let us tell them and their relatives that we are a grateful nation and that we dedicate the new Pakistan to their sacrifices.

I promise Pakistan and its people that the next fifteen years will be Pakistan’s best ever 15 years. Those 15 years start right here and now.

(If Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif decides to make this speech, or a modified but similar speech, he will see 180 million Pakistanis cheering him on in this journey towards the new Pakistan. Himself, he would be a leader of a new stature at the national as well as the international level)

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