Second Rebuttal to Senator Faisal Raza Abidi’s Reply Carried By The News on 21 April 2010

The PPP Senator decided to have another attempt at maligning the name of Masood Sharif Khan Khattak and claimed that the infamous Judge Malik Abdul Qayyum cassettes were brought from Pakistan to London by Rehman Malik. Rehman Malik did endear himself to the PPP leadership by pretending all these years that he had managed the procurement of these infamous cassettes which saved the PPP leadership from a conspiratorial conviction through the then Supreme Court of Pakistan. There was, therefore, the need of putting the facts in the public domain as the infamous Judge Malik Abdul Qayyum infamous cassettes are something that will be talked about for a very long while in the judicial and political history of Pakistan. The credit for saving the PPP and its Leadership from a political blow that the PPP and its leadership would not have been able to survive had to be given to be given to who it was long overdue – Rana Abdul Rahim an officer of the Intelligence Bureau who, answering to the call of his conscience, exposed these cassettes and saved Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and the incumbent President Mr Asif Ali Zardari from a conspiratorial conviction and the PPP itself from political wilderness.

Masood Sharif Khan Khattak’s second rebuttal to the new barrage of allegations made by Faisal Raza Abidi were carried in The News of 23 April 2010. There was some editing done to his reply for want of space. Reproduced below is the second reply of Masood Sharif Khan Khattak as sent to The News by him.

Second Rebuttal/Response

I had thought that common sense would prevail but Faisal Raza Abidi, the charity Senator masquerading as a PPP leader has chosen to play the pawn in the hands of Pakistan’s most dubious character, namely, Mr Rehman Malik. It is a pity that the great Pakistani nation has to bear Rehman Malik as its Interior Minister. It is like disgracing the Pakistani flag to have it flying on any house, car or building that has anything to do with Rehman Malik.

I, Masood Sharif Khattak, am proud of the fact that I served one of the greatest political personalities of the country Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and I have never ever written any article that Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had ever objected to even to the slightest extent. All my articles are in public domain. I feel sorry for my friend Mr Asif Ali Zardari that for lying sychophants and durbaris like Abidi and Rehman Malik etc he has to lose proven friends like me and many more even better people.

Mr Faisal Raza Abidi please ask my friend Mr Asif Ali Zardari, the President of Pakistan, if he had, or had not, sent Mr Farooq H Naek, the incumbent Chairman Senate, to Islamabad to see me on my request when the President was himself still in the Karachi Prisons while I had recently returned home after three years of imprisonment in Karachi Central Prison along with Mr Asif Ali Zardari. On the directions of Mr Asif Ali Zardari, the incumbent President, Farooq H Naek visited me and I took him around in my car driving endlessly till as long as it took to play all the recordings of the infamous Malik Qayyum cassettes. Rehman Malik and Faisal Raza Abidi should ask Farooq H Naek whether what I am saying is correct or not.

Farooq H Naek straightaway asked me to give him the infamous Malik Qayyum cassettes and I told him that they are safe with me and that I could not hand them over to him till Rana Abdul Rahim, the IB officer who had brought those cassettes to me, is facilitated by the Party to leave the country with another set of cassettes while I hold on to the set with me as a leverage. Finally, Rana Abdul Rahim did end up in UK with the cassettes and the subsequent happenings are history and well known. At one stage Rana Abdul Rahim also asked me for the return of the cassettes that I had in my possession because he was frustrated at the way he was being handled by the people arranging for his visa etc. I refused to oblige him but did promise him, as one honourable man to another, that my set of cassettes will not be released till he has left the country with his set of the infamous Malik Qayyum cassettes. Finally, he did get out of the country with the other set of cassettes. Where does this opportunistic and fraudulent Rehman Malik figure in this episode? I know for sure that he was going around telling everyone that he had made all this possible and thus endeared himself to the PPP leadership. The truth is now here for the leadership to read and know. Rana Abdul Rahim had answered the call of his conscience and had chosen to act through me. At that time he could have put any price to those cassettes but he did not. I and Rana Abdul Rahim embarked upon this venture within only four days of my open heart by-pass surgery i.e. from my hospital room. Are the liars i.e Raza Abidi and Rehman Malik listening?

Mr Rana Abdul Rahim is a man as honourable as honour can be described. The PPP and its leadership owe an eternal gratitude to Mr Rana Abdul Rahim. Let me say it in as clear and unambiguous words as it can be said that had it not been for Mr Rana Abdul Rahim of the IB the political landscape of Pakistan would have been very different. Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Mr Asif Ali Zardari would most certainly have been convicted on the basis of a coordinated conspiracy on the part of the then executive and the then Judge Malik Abdul Qayyum. PPP would have been left leaderless and like a rudderless ship on the high seas. The PPP would then have been in tatters. Above all the PPP would not have come back to power ever again after its top leadership had been convicted.

The ordeal of this conscientious officer i.e Rana Abdul Rahim makes a sad commentary of a solitary exile in an eastern European country instead of in UK . This was managed by Rehman Malik so that Rana Abdul Rahim could be kept away from Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto while this crafty man Rehman Malik could pose as if he had got the Malik Qayyum cassettes to UK. Rana Abdul Rahim’s selfless act propelled by his conscience had saved the PPP leadership from a 100% guaranteed conviction by the Supreme Court but the PPP, because of machinations of Rehman Malik has treated this poor officer and his family in a very disrespectful manner. Rehman Malik is a person who is not familiar with the meaning of the words honour, decency, self respect, mutual respect, honesty and other such synonyms.

While Rana Abdul Rahim and people like me who stand dismissed since 1997, without a reason, are politically victimized by the PPP itself there are these aliens, special specie from outer space, like Sheikh Riaz Ahmed, for whom 700 other criminals are released from jail in order to provide him the opportunity of going scot free, and Rehman Malik who get their dismissals turned into retirement to get all benefits. I do hope my friend Mr Asif Ali Zardari, the President of Pakistan and the Co Chairperson of the PPP will personally look into the sufferings of Rana Abdul Rahim and his family and ensure that he is adequately readjusted in life. It is a pity that the PPP treats those who have stood by it with such scorn and disgust while it honours creepy and shady characters like Rehman Malik and Sheikh Riaz Ahmed.

Faisal Raza Abidi should feel ashamed of himself for stating that Rehman Malik was loyal to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto after Rehman Malik has been clearly shown as the man who ran away with the vehicle that could have evacuated our leader Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto to hospital on that fateful day of 27 Dec 2007. PPP and its leaders should hear me loud and clear when I say that Rehman Malik is loyal and sincere to only himself. PPP will find this out but then it will be too late for everyone and the Party.

In the end let me ask Faisal Raza Abidi to abdicate from being the shield for Rehman Malik. To Rehman Malik I will say that you are trapped with the State machinery and I am an exposed ordinary citizen of Pakistan. Please do your talking about me to the press yourself rather than asking people like Faisal Raza Abidi to make prompted statements. I am a descendant of the great warrior poet Khushal Khan Khattak. I will take on whatever you have to say myself and not through anyone else like you do. Come forward and I hope the next statement will be directly from you and not through Faisal Raza Abidi who I hope will choose to take the back seat and enjoy his charity senatorship and let Rehman Malik do his own talking.

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  1. and we KHATTAKS love you from the core of our hearts and yah you have the clear reflections of our great grandfather Khushal Khan Khattak…Long Live

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